Phoebe has been teaching piano for five years to people of all ages and all levels of experience. She is dedicated to encouraging curiosity and joy in music-making in her students.

Her teaching is founded in classical music and adapted to each individual student. Music theory, music history, intentional listening, reading sheet music, and expressivity are all essential to learning how to physically play the piano, and are all integrated into lessons. She believes in true mutual respect between student and teacher, and that music lessons are a safe place to be vulnerable, try new things, and feel supported in the challenges and discoveries that students experience.

Learning to play the piano is a wonderfully rewarding activity and a subject everybody can enjoy and learn more about. Regular weekly lessons are offered in 30-, 45-, and 60-minute sessions.

The Music Studio

Phoebe teaches at Chicago Piano & Drums, a music studio in the heart of Avondale offering piano, drum, and vibraphone lessons to students of all ages and backgrounds. The studio’s mission is to provide the highest quality music education possible to all students regardless of individual financial situations. 

Phoebe is currently accepting new students. Use the form below to get in touch!


“We were new to starting music lessons and nervous about finding a good teacher, but Phoebe was excellent in working with our daughter to create a curriculum that was specifically tailored for her and made each lesson so enjoyable. We are so grateful to have worked with Phoebe and would absolutely recommend her to anyone for piano instruction!” -Scott (parent)

“Phoebe is a wonderful teacher and person who had tremendous success with our 9-year-old sons…[She] instilled not only a love of piano but a love of music. She is a patient, kind, and thorough teacher. She teaches children how to play piano by both ear and reading sheet music; she also works on giving them exposure to perform in studio sessions. She is very positive in her feedback and encourages a growth-mindset toward learning to play.” -Ye W. (parent)

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